A vote for all

Democracy says everybody gets an equal vote. Pretty much.

Pretty much gets us where we are at in the world today, with Trump, Brexit, not to mention the uninspiring political state of our fair nation Australia.

Also gets you Justin Trudeau and Jacinta Ardern, if you’re lucky. 

Now democracy doesn’t directly get us digging new coal mines and fracking new gas wells, but trying to please everybody does.

I wonder what would happen if not everybody got a vote?

I wonder what would happen if we ditched politicians, ditched democractic voting, and the whole concept of governments existing to carry out the most “popular” wishes of their constituents, indeed ditched all the politicians in the world, those people groomed to politicise and please and coerce and campaign…

I wonder if instead we took the things we know to be truths about what humans and the planet need, and deserve – forget even about the lineball stuff that gets argued, I’m talking the things that the vast majority of humans can agree on, for the long term survival of the human race, over the short term conveniences, and we set those as a global vision.

And we engaged a group of good smart people, with diversity of thought, but a common purpose and buy in on the vision to heal this world, and we tasked them with leadership, and we created a set of global decision-making principles that superseded, for the good of the all, the needs of the individual.

What protections would you need to put in place, to ensure good things happen, and this power granted these representatives doesn’t get abused?

Is it wrong? Will we go to the grave protecting the vote of the individual?

I wonder…

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