André Eikmeier


A lot of people talk about how social media and screens mean young people are spending less actual time together. No doubt there are definitive studies on this. I had a quick google search, and saw a hundred articles, but none really did offer proof of this, mostly because there wasn’t much benchmarking from “our” …

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Just living

I’m reading an incredible novel by an author I actually believe is the greatest writer, living or dead, the world has ever seen. The writer is Jonathan Safran Foer, and the novel is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. He also wrote Everything is Illuminated, which is extraordinary. One of the characters, an older Jewish man …

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Five Whys

There’s a problem-solving technique called the Five Whys. The Five Why’s.  (I’m very sensitive to apostrophising plurals, but recently read on grammarly that if it improves the readability and understanding of the sentence, then it’s accepted. Millennials rejoice 🙂 The idea is that you just keep asking why, to get to the root cause of …

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Where to now?

As quickly as the world came together, it seems, has the world moved on.  Is it just me, or did it seem like for months, many of us, and certainly most of the world, was ignoring the fires. Feeling empathy for those people affected, certainly, but then a few weeks ago – WOOSH! Everybody in the world decided this was …

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