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You may not know this, but the wine company I co-founded, Vinomofo, started as a review site. I had this vision to create a wine site where you could go look up a wine and see how REAL people liked it, not critics, just regular wine lovers like me.

Of course, that didn’t make any money, so we eventually launched Vinomofo.

Point is, I’ve thought a lot about customer reviews, the voice of the people. Back then, around 2006, it was just the beginning of people even WANTING to hear from their customers. Brands were very nervous about negative feedback being public. I was a very vocal advocate for the voice of the people.

Fast forward to now, and you’ve got google reviews and trip advisor causing tremendous anxiety to cafe and restaurant owners and hoteliers all around the world. People leaving one star reviews because the Thai restaurant didn’t do kids’ bolognese.

Now personally, I don’t get any value from the ratings on google, or even uber eats, because they’re too generic. I don’t know that the people on there giving reviews feel the same way about food as I do.

I need recommendations from people I trust, people I know like the same kind of stuff as I do.

If I could segment the reviews to a group of friends I knew and trusted, chosen because they too liked warm and quirky more than slick and popular, THEN I’d pay attention.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

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