Cutting through

So you’ve got a message you would like to share. It’s important to you. It means something.

So how do you reach someone in this noisy world? How do you cut through? You can’t just be louder. It’s all too loud. You can’t simply promise more. Everybody does. We don’t believe you.

You can be funnier than the rest – that works, always. But are you really funnier? Or do you just think you are? No offence.

But being more real, more honest, more human – that works. It’s just about the only thing that does. It still cuts through the noise, and always will.

Here’s a little trick to help you write raw and honest, without filters.

Don’t write to an audience. Or a segment. And for god’s sake don’t write to a demographic.

Just write to someone. Someone you know. And like. Or love. Your mother. Your best friend. Your husband, your wife. Anyone who knows you, and loves you, and trusts you. Someone you wouldn’t lie to.

Write their name at the top of your email, or your ad, or whatever you’re writing.

Hey Brendan. Hello Eliza. Hi mum.

Then write your thing. Then go back and change it to FNAME or whatever you need to.

You’ll find that not only will it bring out natural language in you, but it will also force you not to bullshit. It should keep you honest.

Try it.

We could all use a little more honest, don’t you think?

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