Everything is human

I was reminded, yesterday, of this. People. The people around us, going about their jobs – they’re not roles, or titles, or a set of expectations. 

They’re humans. 

They’re going through their shit, just like me, just like you. 

They’re trying not to be human. Trying to be super human. To put their shit in a box, because it doesn’t belong at work. Need to get past it, rise above.

But it’s there. Inside them. Inside me. Inside you. All the human stuff.

The heartache. The insecurities. The resentments. The jealousy. The exhaustion. 

But also the joy. The silliness. The filigree of hopes, fragile but god so precious.

There is a human reason behind everything. I don’t always remember that. There’s a word for it. An excellent word. Sonder. The realisation that everyone around you is going through their own shit.

Look past the “professional” expectations we have of someone that might be disappointing us, for instance, really look into their eyes and SEE them as a human, look for the personal…

And maybe we’ll understand. And relate. And connect.

I feel close to you right now, writing this.

Have a beautiful day!

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