Facing Fear With A Compassionate Heart

There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the world at the moment, more than many of us have seen in our lifetimes. Author Elizabeth Gilbert shares her personal practice to meet our fear with compassion, and why now is the time to remember that humans are creative, resourceful, and resilient.

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“Fear and I are very, very old friends. We’ve been walking together side by side or pretty much my entire life. We’ve actually never spent very much time apart and so you could say that I have come to know fear pretty well, learned to work with it, learned to be intimate with it. There’re some things I’ve learned about it that I’d like to share with you if it would be helpful.

As I am writing this message to you, the world is facing the Coronavirus pandemic and a lot of you, understandably, are feeling deeply frightened. The primary thing that I want to tell you today is that it’s okay if you’re frightened, it’s okay and it’s completely natural. I don’t need you to be some kind of hero right now and I definitely don’t need you to play the role of some kind of perfected spiritual master who is able to glide through the most violent and shattering upheavals of life without so much as flinching. As far as I’m concerned, you can be whatever you actually are right now, authentically, afraid, anxious, nervous, unsettled, or frankly terrified….”

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