Finding your glow

I would like to share a story with you about someone I worked with a little while ago, I won’t name her, but I’ll tell you a little about it.

She’s a female founder, who has been pretty much doing it alone for a while. She had a good product, but a brand that just wasn’t aligned with what I learned about her, nor really aligned with who this product was perfect for.

She had gone through a lot, early in life, and together we found her truth, and we reforged the purpose of her brand from that raw, vulnerable place. 

It was confronting for her. I know. She’s also a young mum, sleep deprived. All the very human things that are ACTUALLY part of business, because they’re part of life. 

But she went all in. Courageously. Well – terrified, like we all are, but leaned in anyway. She transformed her brand, and it was beautiful. It was true. True to her, and true to what she wanted to give to the world, give to women. True to what she wanted to stand for.

It wasn’t a short-term optimisation strategy. I knew it was right, for her, and for her tribe, but connecting with your purpose is a long play, not a short one.

And with all the pressures that come with being a startup, sometimes we can lose faith in the long play. She spoke to me a little while ago about walking away. I felt her pain, her fear, her exhaustion. And it was okay that she did.

I was torn – had I let her down, though I knew her purpose to be true? 

And then it happened. In one decisive, explosive connection with a woman who was a big fan of her product, but had not felt any alignment with the brand previously. Now it all fit. This woman proudly recommended the product to her community, and they started buying and spreading the word, and it all went crazy. Crazy good. Because there was an alignment of purpose. She found her glow.

It just took a little water and sunshine for the seeds to grow.

I’m so, so happy for her. And so proud.

People want to be a part of something, and if you stand for that something, they’ll want to join you, and tell the world.

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