Finding your voice

I lost my voice last week. Naturally I had several speaking engagements exactly at that time, I blame Murphy.

But this isn’t a post about how to get your voice back. Stepe ginger, garlic, chili, honey and lemon in a pot of water and drink that through the day. And shut up for a bit.

How do we find our voice? How do we find what we want to stand for, and how we want to communicate it?

Here’s what I do with organisations:

To find what you stand for, just ask “what do I care about?” What bothers me? What would I like to see changed? What’s important to me? What do I value?

To find how you’d like to come across, try asking yourself “how would I like to come across?” Sincere? Funny? Light-hearted? Full-hearted? Knowledgeable? Down to earth?”

But make sure it’s true to you. Don’t try to come across like someone else.

Find YOUR voice.

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