For anyone who struggles with “Letting Go”

We stumbled across an article written by Jaimee Ratliff and felt it might be a great help for those working on their week four of the One Million Butterflies program. Below is a little snapshot:

“In my mind, I connect the act of letting go to that time I was finally able to release both hands from my handlebars while riding my bike. And yes, “letting go” is what happens when I frantically drop a hot pan on the stove after realizing one of the oven mitts has a hole in it.

That’s some serious let go if you’ve never experienced it.

But the kind of letting go that involves a conscious choice versus a physical action, can be extremely challenging and scary. It can also be painful as hell if it’s not something you’re ready to do: especially if your heart and mind are singing two different songs…”

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