A lot of people talk about how social media and screens mean young people are spending less actual time together.

No doubt there are definitive studies on this. I had a quick google search, and saw a hundred articles, but none really did offer proof of this, mostly because there wasn’t much benchmarking from “our” generation.

Now feel free to educate me, this thought is purely anecdotal, and I know I live in a privileged little bubble of the world.

BUT – I have this theory that kids are spending the same amount of time together hanging out, and it’s actually their alone time that has disappeared on account of this connection addiction.

Equally not healthy, granted, but quite a different thing.

I don’t know anyone with teenage kids whose kids aren’t spending nearly every moment at their friends’ houses. These events are called Gaths. It’s not a great word, phonetically, but a gathering is a good thing.

And I know they spend a lot of time on screens (probably about the same amount of time we spent playing “what do you want to do? I dunno, what do you want to do?” ping pong).

But they also talk about boys, and girls, and youtube, and they laugh, and roam the streets and hang out at the mall, just like we did.

And those kids who don’t have friends, don’t hang out with their friends, just like we didn’t.

I’m more concerned about the fact that we’re in danger of not being able to have a thought without it being validated.

What do you think?

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