Hot August Night

You ever listened to Hot August Night? Start to finish, not as background music, but like you’re there? Man. What a thing that must have been. Doesn’t really matter if you like Neil Diamond or not, but that was one of those moments where people came together, humans, and shared something truly connecting. He was in the zone. They all were. You can feel it, forty seven years on, through grooves in vinyl, from the birds and the strings that gently open to the raw-throated evangelist screams two hours later – you can feel it.

Makes you think about what it is to create, to open yourself up and share something you made, your gift to the world, and for a bunch of people to feel it, to want to be part of it, and they take your energy, all you give, and it fills them and lifts them and they give it back and you feel it, and it lifts you… that’s a good connection.

That’s not something that happens through data-driven marketing, where you ask people what they want and you craft it for them. That happens when you tear open your chest and reach into your soul and give what it is you were born to give.

What have you got to give? It doesn’t have to be I Am… I Said. We all have some truth inside to give. Something that will make a difference to someone, don’t you think?

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