How can we help?

It struck me today that half the nation is putting sunscreen on to stop from burning, the other half is fleeing for their lives.

What a helpless, hopeless, surreal, confusing time this is for those of us not in the path of these fires. What an apocalyptic, horrific thing for those of you who are.

I feel much through this time – sorrow for so many, gratitude and admiration for every person helping fight or save – but my feelings don’t really count for much.

Yes, this is a terrifying wake up call for us all. Yes, the government is an embarrassment and our Prime Minister is failing as a leader, but right now, complaining about that doesn’t count either.

What can count though is a donation to the organisations at the front line:

– Australian Red Cross Disaster and Recovery
– Salvation Army Appeal
– St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal

Google will show the way.

Or you can donate directly to any state or local RFS. What courage and perseverance. Thank you.

Or those helping the thousands and thousands of injured or displaced wildlife:

It’s not much, for those of us whose homes and families are safe. But it’s something.

And something, as they say, is better than nothing.

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