Intention vs Impact

Which counts more? This is something I’ve found myself at odds with a lot over the years, particularly the last few. 

Which do you look at? 

I believe we can only truly control the intention of our actions, since the impact can also depend on how something gets received, or perceived. 

But wiser friends than I have pointed out to me how lacking in empathy that can be. That we must consider the impact our actions are going to have. That the impact is actually what our actions are about. 

I guess you could say that intentions don’t exist beyond ourselves, since they become impact as soon as they’re actioned.

I don’t know – something inside me still believes that intentions are our real truths. Sometimes we can’t control how our truth will impact someone else. And so we have to trust in our intention. 

But maybe that is indeed lacking in empathy. 

What do you think? 

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