Julie asked me to write about love

What a wonderful request. To write about love. I’m actually good at love.

That’s an odd thing to say, perhaps. But what I mean is that I lead very instinctively with love. Love over all. Pure and fierce.

After finishing dinner of spaghetti meatballs with the kids last night, during which my daughter Lulu, who’s twelve, noted a fishy taste to the meatballs, we had this conversation…

(Lulu actually has an incredible sense of smell and taste, like more attuned than ANYONE I’ve ever known, and I was in wine for fifteen years – I have great hopes for her in food and wine)

Kalen (14): “Can we go round the table and ask each other what we learned today?”

Dada: “Sure. You want to go?”

Kalen: “No you go first.”

Dada: “Okay. I learned today that Adelaide has 32% green canopy coverage, and a development bill is being proposed next year that could result in that dropping to 15%, which is bad. I’m going to try to help stop that.”

Kalen: “I learned how to graph speed ramps in After Effects.”

Lulu: “I learned that anchovies SUCK!”

That’s love. Bless their little tweenage hearts.

I’ve never tried before, but right now, I would define love as an unfiltered stream of pure light between two blazing, beautiful bundles of energy.

I used to love only one person. Not me! But the person I was in a relationship with. Like, my partner.

Now I’m starting to believe that we can love almost the whole world if we’re brave enough, and generous enough.

Starting with us.

Starting with me.

And then you.

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