… is ever present. It’s a more than a weight, it’s just what the name probably stems from – a press, crushing you from all sides…

It can make you unsettled, anxious, panicky (can anyone explain to me why panicky is spelled with a ‘k”? You’re welcome for the release valve)…

It’s the need for money, it’s people relying on you, it’s a decision that isn’t black and white, it’s being stuck in the trenches and not seeing a way out…

It’s pretty shit, actually.

But really, what is it? And more importantly, whatever the forces applying the pressure, they’re kind of there anyway. That’s life, in its current form, for you, in that moment. Feeling it doesn’t fix it. It’s slavery.

Fighting it doesn’t help either.

Know what helps? For me? (And I sometimes need help finding this) Accepting that a situation is what it is, addressing it head on with a plan to fix whatever it is, but then lifting my breath and my spirit up out of it, filling my lungs, literally, rising above the noise, giving it no hold.

My life is my life, I deserve happiness and relief, and as long as I’m not sticking my head in the sand and I’m actually solving the problem, I can deny the pressure its place in my life.

Is it acceptance? Surrender? Something like that.

It’s not easy, but we have that power, it’s a matter of broadening our perspective, and claiming our right to happiness.

Deep breath.

And again.

Have a wonderful day. You deserve it.

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