I had a bad day the other day. I got an email that just triggered me. I was feeling fluey, and not just any flu, but the man flu. You know how serious that can be…

But I digress with my sarcasm.

I slept awfully, mind racing with too many negative things. They build and build and race and race like a hurricane of negativity, pulling up more negative thoughts and fears, thoughts completely unrelated…

I woke up the next morning, and as my mind cranked up again, and the first stirrings of the hurricane threatened, I took a deep breath.

And then let it out.

And then I took another deep breath, this one slower, richer.

And I let it out, in a nice, long slow exhale.

And the whirlwind dissipated.

And I noticed this, and my mind started a narrative on this observation, and so I just breathed, in and out, again.

And I found, as all who have discovered what a god damn RELIEF it is to meditate, that I wasn’t in fear anymore.

I found stillness. Today is a new day. I get to start it fresh.

A reset.

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