This is not a job ad.

This is not a call for a hundred and fourteen CVs to splice into a scorecard and rank you by numbers in boxes in the hopes of finding on paper THE ONE.

I’m not looking for a formally crafted intro letter that was copy and pasted, showing attention to detail by being SURE to check you edited my name, before smartly and professionally listing your skills and experience, with just the right touch of personality, nor am I quite yet needing to know where you studied or what your hobbies are. Though I can’t wait to learn all of these things, as they no doubt have in some way shaped the person you are.

What I’d really like to know is what drives you. What is your purpose? What are you drawn to? What do you want to change in the world? If you don’t know, that’s okay, but it matters to me that you at least care that you don’t know. Maybe we can figure it out together.

What I’d really like to know is what you value. What’s important to you? You, the human.

I’m not looking for answers you think I want to hear, answers that you hope will present you in a good and interesting light. I’m just looking for the truth. I want you to feel like you have permission to be open, and honest, and just YOU. I bet that’s enough. I bet just you is more interesting than anything you can construct.

I don’t particularly want to hear that you work well autonomously but also with a team, though both are important to me and hopefully to you. I don’t want to know that perfectionism is your greatest weakness. I’d like you to feel that you can be more vulnerable than that.

I want you to know what we’re building here at Good Empire, and why we’re doing it, before I tell you what we’re looking for, so you can decide if this is what you would like to wake up each morning to be a part of, to help build, whatever your role in this might be.

I want you to know what burns in my heart. I want to know what you FEEL when you read it. I want to know if you care, or if you’re skim reading this looking for an M or a C in the title, and number that’s bigger than six.

We’re building an empire of good.

Gathering a tribe united in belief that business for good coming together with good people can change the world.

This, here, now – this is our platform.

Our platform to bring people together in support of those who are helping to change the world.

Our platform to help founders and leaders, startups, organisations, communities and causes transform and retell their stories. Find and forge purpose in truth, and build a brand around what they stand for, and an offering that is good for the world. Align culture, and help bring their vision to life and share their stories with the world that they may gather and unite their tribes.

And together, maybe we of this Good Empire can start to change things for good.

We’re a small team. Just a few of us. It’s just the beginning. I want to know if that excites you, to be there at the beginning, to be able to shape the vision, with all you have. Every idea, every action. It’s limitless, if you have the courage.

What do you stand for?

What are your strengths? What do you love about yourself?

Are you a visual person? Are you sensitive to aesthetics? Do you like, or NEED to make things beautiful, engaging, moving, thought-provoking? Can you, through design, craft an experience, deliver a message or a feeling at a glance?

Do you look at a brand and feel whether the design tells the truth, or confuses? Can you create a brand that stands for something?

Do you read things and think about the typeface? Is that the kind of thing you can spend an unusual amount of time thinking about?

Can you draw, or paint, or illustrate things in your own special way? Can you bring to life a page to craft an experience that takes your audience just where they need to go?

Do you think I should have just listed the skills I’m looking for, or do you get it? Do you think I’m being a bit self-indulgent (that would be fair!), and I should have just crafted a nice clear job ad?

Well then, tell me.

Do you want to stay freelancing, or at least have the option? Tell me.

Do you want to have flexibility in the way you work? Tell me.

Do you have a circumstance that makes it difficult for you to fit in with most normal work environments? Tell me.

Do you worry that ANYTHING about you might trigger some unconscious bias that lessens your chance of being “picked” to be part of Good Empire?

Don’t. Diversity, equity and inclusion – these are not boxes for us to tick.

Truth, arms wide, for the good – these are our values.

Reach out if this is you.

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