What would you rather?

My kids like to play this game called “what would you rather”. They like to play it in the car, in a restaurant, anywhere. And it usually immediately follows a statement from me like “okay, that’s enough screentime, phones away, let’s just talk”.

It’s a simple concept, you might well be familiar with it. Goes something like “what would you rather – ONLY ever being able to eat your favourite food, and no other foods, or NEVER being able to eat your favourite food, but you could eat everything else.”

I feel there’s something in this game for all of us.

What would you rather? Having super-cheap energy for YOUR lifetime and people can still work in coal mines, but then your kids have a horrible world to live in and then your grandkids die with the planet; or having more expensive energy for the next ten years but then it gets cheaper than ever, and some people lose their jobs for a while and can’t work in coal mines but then if they retrain they can work on wind and solar farms, but your kids can live in a nice world and so can your grandkids and their grandkids…

What would you rather? Land owners in Montana can own forty nine automatic rifles just in case the Russians parachute in to invade their farm and probe them and take them up into space to impregnate them with space babies but every week twenty school kids will die; or said land owner is not allowed to own automatic rifles but not many people will die from mass shootings, like hardly ever, and we can figure out what to do with the space Russian paratroopers when it happens.

(Sorry for the flippancy, and even sorrier to drag you into my frustrations. I really do wish you a lovely week! My challenge is for you to play “what would you rather” to solve problems and find clarity, rather than passive aggression 🙂

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