What’s in a name?

A while ago I changed the name of Cult Tribal to Good Empire.

Why did I change the name? Cult Tribal started out more as a brand and culture agency, albeit one that was founded in the purpose of changing culture for good. Culture and tribes – this was the idea behind the name.

But over the course of the first nine months, it became so much more about helping organisations be good for the world. This word, this idea of “good”, and “for good” was just growing stronger and stronger. We really were building this empire of good, and I didn’t feel that Cult Tribal represented what this was all about. And with a whole bunch of very exciting things about to launch, I thought I’d better change it now, while it’s still very much a founding story.

A couple of things happened once we decided to change the name.

One – lots of people told me how much they hated the name Cult Tribal, and how relieved they were I’d changed it. Kind of like when you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and your friends didn’t like them, only they couldn’t really tell you at the time, but when you do, they’re VERY forthright in letting you know exactly what they thought of this person.

Two (well, One B really, since there’s another thing after this one that is actually the point of this post) – I remembered how torturous it was to try to name something. Pages of ideas, endless domain name rejections, business names taken… it’s not fun.

Proper two – I felt my heart clunk into place. I get a smile on my face when I say the name Good Empire. I feel warm and fuzzy when I read it. And most interestingly, it guides me. Like it knows what it’s meant to be in the world, and I’ve been chosen to bring that to life.

THAT is what is in a name. Not only for other people – people who might want to be a part of what you are building, either by joining, or buying, or sharing your stories – but for YOU.

Hope you like it 🙂

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