Where to now?

As quickly as the world came together, it seems, has the world moved on. 

Is it just me, or did it seem like for months, many of us, and certainly most of the world, was ignoring the fires. Feeling empathy for those people affected, certainly, but then a few weeks ago – WOOSH! Everybody in the world decided this was big and important and we all FELT the fear and the compassion and the need to help, to act, and all this money was raised from all around the world and even the Australian government (bless their little laggard hearts) started talking about action and (shhh!) climate change.

I don’t know about you, but I felt lifted, and united, and it was so powerful. 

And then, this week… it kind of all feels like we’ve all gotten back on with our lives. Me too. 

Is that the nature of these things? Is it that we can only override our own needs for a little while? Is it that we feel we’ve done our bit, and enough has been done, and now we’ll leave the people of the front line to carry on? Is it that it’s just not so fucking hot this week and there’s a bit of rain, that we’re not feeling the effects? Except maybe for the tennis.

I’m not actually being sarcastic. I too have felt this. I’m really interested. 

Particularly in “where to now?” 

What changes do we need to make in our lives, for good, to reduce the negative impact we’re having on the planet, so that we don’t add to the damage quite so much?

This is maybe an awful thing to say, and I say it with no disrespect to those devastated by the fires – especially our wildlife, but I’ll say it nevertheless:

I hope these fires become the catalyst for meaningful change. I hope some good can come from the horrific slaughter, the sacrifice, the loss.

Up to us, really, isn’t it?

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