Why should anybody care?

You ever sit back and wonder how we got to be people who post about themselves all the time? And I’m owning that I’ve started to do it too, don’t worry, this isn’t a judgemental rant (though it probably wouldn’t shock you if it was).

I find myself wrestling with this. It’s why I’ve mostly avoided social media for so long. I would just ask myself “who gives a shit about what you cooked? Just cook the damn meal, eat it, enjoy! The world doesn’t want to know.”

So when it came time that I really did want to use social media to say something to the world, I felt torn. I’d follow all these people who so naturally, at least it appeared natural, shared things in their lives, and thoughts mundane and profound and everything in between, and I felt like I should do that too, but I just couldn’t help but think “why should anybody care?”

I’m not right though. People do care. Not everyone, but someone.

But I think you should have something to offer, don’t you think? Something greater than yourself. Something from the heart. Something you feel people (not ALL people) need to hear.

I think I had something of a breakthrough, ie: I got over my shit, just the other day when I realised that I could help balance the gloss of instagram, by being just very real, and sometimes vulnerable, and flawed, and human. And maybe through that, not only the thoughts I shared, I could be giving others permission to drop the mask and be the same.

Regardless of what it is that is inside of you, I think that’s the trick – make it about a purpose greater than you. Make yourself a humble servant to that purpose.

And then it’s not so much about you, but what you’re serving.

Well, I’m going to try it, anyway!

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