Would anybody miss you if you were gone?

I don’t know if you noticed, which is kind of exactly the point, but I decided yesterday to not write The Good Word. 

I wanted to see if anybody missed reading it. If it had become part of their day, part of their morning routine. Not as some sort of marketing or social experiment, I actually was considering paring it back to a few times a week, and I thought rather than making the call myself, I’d see if anybody cared.

Having built a wine business where we emailed most of our mofos every single day and sometimes more than once, I didn’t think I’d ever be doing that again, and I was feeling like maybe you might be getting sick of reading me five days a week.

So I just didn’t write one.

And it occurred to me that this was a good way to think about the value of what you want to give to the world. So rather than your product/service//post/ad/email being something you do because it leads to a certain percentage of conversions, what about asking yourself, and better yet those you’re trying to serve, if they would miss it if you stopped. If they didn’t hear from you.

If someone values what you do, if they’ve truly opted in, rather than simply not yet opted out, then they will miss it. 

You’ll be shocked to know that some people missed their daily wine email if they didn’t get it, because they didn’t want to miss out on something they might like. 

I was surprised and humbled to hear that quite a few of you missed reading The Good Word yesterday, and I think I’ll keep going each weekday for a while, or until you tell me otherwise. Bless you and thank you. What a gift.

(Don’t feel bad if you didn’t miss me, I wouldn’t miss me either!)

Do you think people would miss your offering if you didn’t offer it? Doesn’t have to be everybody, just your tribe. The people who care.

PS. Grim title, in hindsight. I apologise if it upset you. I don’t mean gone, gone, clearly. Of course someone would miss you. And if you don’t think they would, call me immediately on 0439 898 525 and we’ll talk about anything and everything.

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